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Asics Onitsuka Tiger shoot

I was asked by PR agency Renegade Media to shoot some pictures for Asics Onitsuka Tiger (, specifically for their Autumn Winter 2013 collection “My Town My Tracks” campaign. The MTMT social media campaign shows an individual’s town or city and their hidden, favourite tracks – as in route, places and people, and the idea was to feature Bristol.

22 year old creative director Kateland Clarke was up for modelling and taking me around some of her favourite spots in Bristol. Kateland runs Viaggio, a project bringing classic, old bicycle frames back into the modern day, which led to a clothing and accessories line. It made sense for her to bring her bike to the shoot.

We started at the Boston Tea Party on Cheltenham Road with coffees, before we walked to Stokes Croft and the Bear Pit, Nelson Street (See No Evil), the Waterfront and Arnolfini, meeting her boyfriend Sam towards the end of our session.

Featured products are two pairs of Onitsuka Tiger Colorado Eighty-Five’s and an Onitsuka Tiger backpack. The great thing is we got to keep the stuff, which is the closest I got to being paid for a fashion shoot.

Challenges were the weather (starting with a beautiful Autumn sun and ending in heavy rain showers), capturing someone cycling, plus slipping and almost breaking my leg and camera on a slippery rail road tie!

Another challenge was the editing. Forgive me for posting so many images again. Can’t choose. Need to learn how to edit properly.

This is the main set. I’ll follow this with some individual posts and a last one, that I processed using a customised Fuji Fortia SP positive film preset in VSCO/Adobe Camera Raw.