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Making your digital content count

We’ve seen our share of content disasters. Seventeen years of designing and building websites and Bill Gate’s phrase “content is king” has come up more times than we can count. But it’s rarely actually the case. It’s a mantra of the digital world, so why is it that royalty gets neglected on most digital projects?

Why is it important to think about content from the start? 

‘What content’, should be the first question you ask on a digital project. Launching a decent looking website is straightforward nowadays - the challenge is deciding what goes on it. The better content you put out there, the better things will come back. Without good content a website is worthless, so make it part of the agency’s brief. Otherwise, it’s like building a house without buying furniture. Yes, it may look pretty, but your guests will have nowhere to sit. Ultimately they’re likely to move on to somewhere more appealing.

How much should you spend on content?

Website budgets rarely allocate enough to content production. But without thought-through words, compelling imagery, and a clear strategy to tie it all together, a website will end up as a watered down version of what was intended. What’s the point in spending 95% on the design and build and only 5% on some new photos? You're likely to get a disappointing return on all your investment. Spend 50-75% on content and the rest on building the website. The question isn’t can you afford to spend on content; but can you afford not to?

What type of content do I need?

As well as deciding on the technical and aesthetic requirements of your website and your social media strategy, you need to know what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. We don’t mean literally. It doesn’t always have to be in words. Sometimes showing is better than telling. That means photography, video, illustrations, infographics, etc. Your content needs to be specifically and strategically designed for your audience.

Quality is important. 

Your content needs to show your customers you are worth investing in. It’s not enough to just recycle material: text you don’t have time to rewrite, old images from the graphic design agency that have been used in every campaign since 1985. That video you shot during your last event, that your IT manager did a two-hour edit of - will not be enough to demonstrate to your customers you are worth their time and money. Earn their respect through content they want to engage with and share.

Who creates content? 

The production of compelling digital content is a specialism. It’s not necessarily part of the core skillset of a digital agency. And it’s not simply the work of a copywriter, photographer or video production company either. It requires a bit of everything: strategy, digital, language, art direction, photography and filmmaking skills, plus a knack for effective storytelling.

We specialise in producing immersive digital content and putting this king back on its throne. We’re digital natives, passionate storytellers and imaginative strategists. If you want help making great visual content that works, get in touch.

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