Nature's Larder

Discovering Wild Food with the Ethicurean


Nature’s Larder - Discovering Wild Food with the Ethicurean

A short documentary about foraging with Matthew and Iain Pennington from The Ethicurean in Wrington.


The Ethicurean restaurant is based in a walled garden in the Mendips, just outside of Bristol. The restaurant was set up with a strong sustainable ethos, the founders wanting it to be in tune with nature. This meant sourcing ingredients as close to the restaurant as possible and cooking according to the season.

Photo by Kasia Kiliszek

Photo by Kasia Kiliszek

Seasonal cooking requires as large a larder as possible, so the Pennington brothers needed to venture out into the local countryside in order to learn all about wild food.

Foraging allows them the greatest opportunity to expand their larder. There are some incredible flavours on offer that nothing cultivated can replicate. Foraging has the added benefit of being really grounding and it allows them to escape the pressures of a busy kitchen.


Nature has so much to offer in terms of flavour and texture. The wild foods we all have access to are specific to where each of us are. The great excitement comes from exploring this limitless larder and experiencing all the possible tastes and combinations it has to offer.

Director: Remco Merbis
Story: Iain Pennington, Matthew Pennington, Remco Merbis
Illustrations: Niki Groom
Music: Josh Brown
Production assistant: Kasia Kiliszek
Edit and grade: Remco Merbis