Solverboard - Beige

Web advert and social media stings


solverboard - beige

An online commercial and a set of social media teasers to introduce Solverboard online.

The purpose of this first, introductory, online commercial for Solverboard was to put some context behind its concept: the spirit of Open Innovation, and to bring the brand story to life.


Open Innovation

The way we work is changing. The workforce is more fluid, experience is at a premium, people want to be free to do more and tap into their potential more by having a portfolio career. They embrace this and feel it makes it better. Business needs are changing too. As businesses grow they face new challenges and want to optimize the use of their time. Those that survive in the current competitive landscape are the ones who can adapt and embrace new ways of working. They need new thinking and innovators to ensure they have a healthy business, both now and in the future. Access to the right people with the right experience at the right time is essential.

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Solverboard is the world’s online open innovation platform. It’s a place where brilliant minds connect with the organisations that need them. It’s going to change the way businesses around the world discover and pay for brilliant ideas, forever.

How does it work? An organisation posts a challenge and sets a reward. Anyone, anywhere can register as a Solver and post a solution. The organisation chooses the best solution and pays the Solver.



Our brief was to focus on the old way of working versus the new way and use this to introduce Solverboard’s concept. We imagined the old way of working happening in a completely beige world, where people do repetitive tasks, don’t communicate and seem to be stuck forever. The new world is represented by someone in a coworking environment using up-to-date technology and ready to collaborate, which happens when she invites one of the beige people to join her.


It was a challenging concept on the budget and timeframe we had. We wrote the script, found the locations, designed the production, undertook the casting, directed it, did the cinematography, grading, the editing and the sound design. All of this we kept in house and completed within a timeframe of a few weeks, ready for launch before Christmas.


Our favourite scene is the lift scene, which for some reason was the only one, during which we couldn’t keep a straight face when we were shooting. In fact, we almost had to stop the shoot for a bit because everybody was falling about laughing.

Another great experience.

Featuring Cerian Vaughan, Slavska Liskova, Lindsay Jones, Danny Chase and Michelle Roche.