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Taking me over

Music video for 4th Project’s new track ‘Taking Me Over’.

4th Project is an Electro Soul band formed by vocalist Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton, pianist Jack Drewry and guitarist Rowan Evans. Their music is an integration of soulful vocals with keyboard, electric guitar, beat boxing and live electronics. Their lyrics of their latest track ‘Taking Me Over’ describe being taken over by a relationship, whilst also being taken back over repetitive patterns of breaking up and getting back together. We wanted to play out both these elements in the music video and experimented with light and shadow to show this. We were interested in the contrast between empty places and places that felt claustrophobic and the visual metaphor of the bridge; a structure that can simultaneously take you over, and go over you.

Photo: David Gillett

Photo: David Gillett

Featuring Lara Olutunmogun and Bernie Gomm.
Written and directed by Anna Hoghton & Remco Merbis. Cinematography by Remco Merbis.
Movement direction by Maisie Newman.
Grade and edit by Remco Merbis.
Hair and make-up by Julia Harrison.
Production design by Oliver Harman.
Production assistance and still photography by David Gillett.
Music Written and Recorded by 4th Project.
Mixed and Mastered by Robbie Stamp at Sandpit Studios, Bristol.
Vocals - Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton
Piano/Keyboards - Jack Drewry
Guitars - Rowan Evans

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