a very personal story


dave - the power of talking about cancer

Dave was diagnosed with Bile Duct Cancer in June 2010, aged 44, and had a Pancreaticoduodenectomy (Whipple Procedure) to remove the tumour in July that year. Married, with three young children (two of whom were only one and a half at the time), the diagnosis turned all their lives upside down. After three years, Dave was beginning to be seen as one of the lucky ones, but then in December 2013 a second small, but inoperable, tumour was discovered. During 2014 intensive chemotherapy and radiotherapy reduced the size of this second tumour by a third, and was considered to be in a 'stable’ state in December 2014.

Talking openly about cancer with his wife, children, friends and other cancer patients has created a situation in which everybody can relax around him, not being afraid to touch on a difficult topic. And it has made him feel more relaxed too, which is important, as stress management is a crucial part of the treatment for a cancer patient.

With thanks to the Penny Brohn UK, Tinto Lounge, The Gloucester Old Spot and our friends and family.

Filmed over two weeks on location in Bristol and Clevedon on my Sony PXW-FS7. Direction, camera, sound, edit and grade by me.