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Landscapes // Lenses and white balance (Bavaria)

The 24-105 is great for landscape photography. It's wide enough to get a lot in and really show panoramas and it zooms quite far to allow for isolating specific elements. My Canon 24-105 L has got a maximum aperture of f4.0 though, which proved too slow when I was in dense woods. In those situations I switched to the 50 mm prime (f1.4). I also used that lens on close-ups and when I wanted to use filters I only own the 58mm version of.

If I'd do more landscape photography in the future I'd invest in a faster wide angle lens and something that goes upwards from a 105 mm, probably within a range between 100 and 300 mm, image-stabilised or I'd have to drag the tripod around everywhere.

White balance was interesting. I usually have it on auto, but in the forests my 5D really got overexcited by all the greens and browns and gave everything a cold, blue cast. Switching to ’cloudy’ or ’shade’ fixed that problem (top tip! :)) Obviously this is easy to fix when you shoot in RAW, but the more you can do in camera, the better, I think.