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Photography year two concludes

Year two of my photography has now ended and it's been great. I learned so much again. But if there's one thing that I've learnt is that this whole photography thing is so aligned with what I want and need to do right now, it's not going to go away.

There will definitely be more of it in 2015. I've narrowed down what I'd like to do even more now and have got tons of ideas. My big goal for the year is to really master lighting, so I can shoot in all conditions.

And what I've learnt will also become part of my other passion; filmmaking. I had a Sony FS-7 come in last week and I can't wait to put it to use. There will be jobs at Pixillion, but also personal projects. I'm really interested in exploring how I can push the filming towards my still photography (and beyond) in terms of looks, and master creating beautifully looking shots. I'll have fourteen usable stops to work with, plus high framerates and 4k. All I need now to extend the range of possibilities is to become buddies with someone who owns a drone...

Back to stills.

Although part of the pictures I'd like to take are not overly styled, I do have a number of ideas that require collaborating with a talented stylist, someone willing to work on personal projects and can create wonders on mostly no-budget shoots - for now. There are some great examples of photographer/stylist teams that work together constantly and are hired that way too.

I also want to make a bigger effort to do more outdoor adventure and lifestyle photography. Let’s go on a (road) trip to a beach for example, or wild swimming, a hike between waterfalls or a picnic in the mountains.

Here's to looking at great collaborations, adventures, ideas and lots of great light. Happy 2015.