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Make-A-Place online magazine launch

This month, me and Anna Hoghton started an online photo-journalism magazine called Make-A-Place

We look at the places that make makers, and the places makers make. It's an online community and platform for makers to share thoughts on art and life and inspire others.

It’s about individuals, not companies or organisations. About the places that made them makers. We’re interested in how a person makes a life, not just a living. The focus is on lifestyle and philosophy. Our portraits are humble. They are about what inspires our makers and how this works in harmony, or indeed opposition, with the places they’ve been. 

Some people look for beautiful places, others make a place beautiful.

A place is so much more than geographical coordinates. We make pilgrimages to places, remember the dead in places, gather for celebration and festival in places. A place can matter to lots of people for different reasons, or to one person only. Places evoke powerful feelings, feelings as individual as our fingerprints. Through our maker’s eyes, we show the places that shaped them, that stayed with them, and the places they left behind.

We'll open the magazine up to other photographers and writers, so if you're interested, please get in touch.