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Macular Society's Charles Bonnet Syndrome awareness campaign


Ad agency Caroline in Bristol commissioned me to shoot the lead campaign images for their campaign to raise awareness of a condition called Charles Bonnet Syndrome for the Macular Society.

“Charles Bonnet Syndrome is the experience of visual hallucination as a result of sight loss. A visual hallucination is the same experience as really seeing something, but the ‘something’ is not actually there. Visual hallucinations appear to exist in the real world rather than in the mind’s eye. They come and go unannounced and can last for just a few seconds or as long as a day or more.

The hallucinations are not a sign of mental illness. Up to half of all people with macular degeneration are thought to experience visual hallucinations at some time. They are more likely to occur if both eyes are affected by sight loss.”  – Macular Society

My pictures formed the basis of a juxtaposition between the out of the ordinary against the ordinary. Illustrator Alan Birch added the hallucinations.