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Down But Not Out - Background and behind the scenes


Pilot project for Thrivaship, a concept around people that face(d) adversity in health and choose not just to survive, but thrive. It very much looks like that in 2018 Thrivaship is going to play a large part in my filmmaking schedule, which is great for many reasons, one of them being that I will be able to shoot what I love shooting: cinematic mini-documentaries about people with interesting stories, often involving sports.

Down But Not Out was shot over four short days in Cornwall, UK on a limited budget. I used my own equipment (Sony FS7 and Canon L series lenses) and mostly available light. I had Joe Ruddock, art director at the agency I'm in partnership with on this - Create Health - to help out and aerial footage was shot by Dronescope. Music by Josh Brown.

Behind the scenes stills by Joe Ruddock.

A thrivaship story – Wanda Summers

downbutnotout_0017_Layer 24.jpg

In a split second, life as we know it can be changed forever. When Wanda Summers plummeted to the ground, she knew she’d broken her back. As she lay paralysed in hospital, she decided it wasn’t going to stop her.

Wanda defied the odds, relying on her unwavering mindset to drive her forward when her body couldn’t. Today, she runs ultra-marathons across deserts – and wins.

Wanda’s story proves that there’s power in never giving up. That it’s truly possible to think yourself better. That we are meant to thrive, not just survive.