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Promo for Soil Association


I recently directed and shot a promo for the Soil Association for their Food For Life Served Here scheme. 

The scheme

Being awarded Food for Life Served Here you know that the majority of food on the menu will be freshly prepared, it will always be free from undesirable trans fats, sweeteners and additives, be cooked by trained chefs, and use ingredients from sustainable and ethical sources.

This promo was shot in a school. But it's not just for schools though. Food for Life Served Here meals can now be found in hospitals, care homes, universities and colleges, and in a growing number of workplaces and visitor attractions. 1.7 million Food for Life Served Here meals are served each day all around the UK.

The shoot

We shot the promo during a busy school day and on a farm when the children were there to learn about where their food comes from. The challenge was to make the shoot work around a busy school day with minimal interruptions, non-professional talent (peer pressure!) and practically no control over lighting. A solution to this is to shoot wide open so backgrounds appear in lovely blurriness and I have to say that shooting on the farm was easier in many ways.

Two children dream about their school dinner in a classroom and when they enter the dining hall at lunchtime they're magically transported to a farm, where a farmer picks a fresh lettuce for them. They play on the farm before they're transported back to school and into the kitchen where the lettuce gets prepared for lunch. It ends on a shot of the two children enjoying a healthy meal.

Some screenshots:

fflsh_0008_Layer 1.jpg
fflsh_0006_Layer 3.jpg
fflsh_0005_Layer 4.jpg
fflsh_0004_Layer 5.jpg
fflsh_0002_Layer 7.jpg
fflsh_0001_Layer 8.jpg