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Pixillion - time to let go

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This month, it’s been 19 years since I quit my job and went freelance. This was in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, when digital design was still very much in its infancy. A small agency was formed soon after. We produced animated greeting cards for Hallmark, Flash games, websites and web applications, later branching out into mobile content when colour screens, ringtones and Java games became big. Our Lisbon office became the main location for these activities. After the company split, I carried on on my own, switching Portugal for the UK a year later. I adopted the name Pixillion, built the agency back up and carried on with digital design and development activities.

It wasn’t until we embarked on a website project that required a large amount of video content that I realised that that was what I wanted to do more of. I realised that the agency camera could also be used to take great pictures. Slowly but steadily, I made the transition from traditional digital agency to content production. I found myself no longer needing a large team or studio, and after a few years, I was freelance again.

The name Pixillion was known around Bristol and enquiries still came in through its website, so I kept it live for the past year. But now it’s time to start working under my own name completely. I’m an individual, working as a filmmaker and photographer, not a production company, so it makes perfect sense. Officially I still trade through Pixillion Ltd, but will redirect to this website and the name will be out there less and less. It’s quite a strange feeling, but simplifying things feels rather good too.

Here’s to the future.